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Member Webcam Shows YES
24/7 Cam NO
High Def YES
Trial NO

Latest Tweets by Danielle FTV:

@Anoree @LeftBeh49150219 @Danariad1 Technology is crazy nowadays. I can still vividly remember the sound of dial up…

@Savoirfaire22 @Danielleftv17 I appreciate your support in getting these accounts removed. Fortunately it's very ea…

@nicoleTV18 You're a fake!

@Danariad1 @DaniiellleFtv Yep I noticed that. This person pops up with a new account every time I have their previous account removed.

@Danariad1 @DaniiellleFtv The scammers are coming from Asia now? Jeez... I'm used to seeing them coming from Africa.

@GATORMcCLUSKEY1 @Danariad1 @ToddLogan16 @DebbieRossellen @covetnot1 @daniiellle I am so one should have to go through that

@Danariad1 @ToddLogan16 @GATORMcCLUSKEY1 @DebbieRossellen @covetnot1 @daniiellle Numbers wouldn't help. I can only…

@GATORMcCLUSKEY1 @JaneTracyMorga1 @covetnot1 @ToddLogan16 Any of these that you find, just tweet their name and my…

I love the "Who to follow" refresh button. It constantly pulls up scammers using my stolen photos. I'm on a mission…

@GATORMcCLUSKEY1 @DebbieRossellen @covetnot1 @ToddLogan16 I just reported this person as well. Let's take these ding dongs down!!!

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