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MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES Access to all of my scheduled cam shows, all P-F girl cams, guest cams, amateur cams and the P-F Live- Ism cam! SCHEDULED SHOWS All Times CST 10/07 @ 07pm Holly 10/08 @ 02pm Kristi 10/08 @ 08pm Brittany 10/09 @ 06pm Holly 10/ 09 @ 09pm Priscilla 10/11 @ 08pm Brittany 10/11 @ 09pm Meg 10/15 @ 08pm Holly 10/16 @ 09pm Megan 10/17 @ 12pm Seanna 10/18 @ 02pm Kristi 10/18 @ 08pm Brittany 10/18 @ 09pm Priscilla 10/22 @ 08pm Brittany 10/22 @ 09pm Megan 10/25 @ 08pm Brittany 12/25 @ 01am Seanna Hey guys and gals! It`s me, Cassandra, [http:// a.k.a. Princess Blueyez, you can call me Cass for short. Anyways, I`ve been update/pbe_0256_150.jpg] around the NN Scene for a little Added_gallery while... I used to be a NN cam girl, but 08/06/2007 I was given the opportunity to be more [http:// and I decided to take it! update/pbe_0255_150.jpg] Right now I am in college studying Added_gallery business. When I`m not going to school 07/30/2007 I`m hanging out with my friends. [http:// Well, thanks for visiting my site. I`m sure that you`ll love it!. update/pbe_0254_150.jpg] Added_gallery XoXo, 07/23/2007 Cass [http:// update/pbe_0253_150.jpg] Added_gallery 07/16/2007 [http:// update/ 070427_nets_150.jpg] Added_video 07/12/2007 [http:// update/ 070427_clean_150.jpg] Added_video 07/11/2007 [http:// update/pbe_0252_150.jpg] Added gallery 07/09/2007 [http:// update/set_0062_150.jpg] Added gallery 07/05/2007 [http:// update/ 070427_tan_150.jpg] Added video 07/04/2007 [http:// update/pbe_0251_150.jpg] Added gallery 07/02/2007 [http:// update/set_0061_150.jpg] Added gallery 06/28/2007 [http:// update/pbe_0250_150.jpg] Added gallery 06/25/2007 [http:// update/ 070427_sleeping_150.jpg] Added video 06/21/2007 [http:// update/ 070126_ryan_150.jpg] Added video 06/20/2007 [http:// update/pbe_0249_150.jpg] Added gallery 06/18/2007 [Check_out_my [Check_out_my More_About_Me: latest_zipset latest_zipset here!o] here!o] Nickname: Cass [Check_out_my [Check_out_my Birthday: August latest_zipset latest_zipset 17th here!o] here!o] Age: 18 Eyes: blue Hair: dirty blonde Height: 5`5" Weight: 128 lbs. Bust: 34 C Shoe: 8 Jeans: size 5 US Piercings: 5 Hobbies: Baby- sitting, my site, shopping TV: 24, House, YES Network Music: EVERYTHING! Fav. Color: blue 4 Fun: shopping, clubbing, tanning, & teasing the boys! Join my site and get instant access to all 9 of these phil-flash sites! Plus the live camgirls of the phil-flash cam network! Sign_Up_For_The_Phil-Flash_Newsletter! This site may contain sexually explicit content. If you are not an adult of at least 18 years of age or older or if you object to viewing sexually explicit material, please leave now. All images, video, and logos phil-flash media 2007 18_U.S.C._Section_2257 -- $$$Webmasters$$$ -- Support

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