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[Members_Only!] [See_More!] [Instant_Access!] [Join_Me_Inside!] [Now broadcasting live... my boobies! Join me inside to watch!] [Free_video_download!] [freedown.gif] [Join_me_inside!] [Come_on_in!] Am I really a legend? That's [right.jpg] [aboutme.gif] for you to decide! I got that A lot of you already know all label after I made my online about me and who I am, but for debut over seven years ago those who don't... here's a bit and quickly became one of the about me! most downloaded girls online. I didn't even have a site! Age:I'm 18 forever, just like I'd just browse message every other online model. Ha! Hey, boards, post webcam pictures, if every other girl on the net can and chat it up with everybody pretend, I can too! I could. I genuinely love Height:5'3"... I'm tiny! talking to everybody and Weight:110 pounds? Somewhere making new friends. After around there. Ever since I decided getting a million requests to open my own site I've been over the years, I decided to working out like crazy, so I'll just take the plunge and open weigh even less soon. But don't my very own site! worry! I'm not going to starve [top01.gif] myself or anything. I love food [Click_to [Click_to [Click_to too much! Mmm... food. enlarge!] enlarge!] enlarge!] Location:Tennessee, in the good [Click_to [Click_to [Click_to ol' U.S.A.! Yes, I have a southern enlarge!] enlarge!] enlarge!] accent. No, I am not stupid. [bot01.gif] [Full-size_images_inside!] When I made my online Likes:I definitely take pride in appearance back in 2000, I being a fairly intelligent person. never expected to become as I have a ton of likes because I'm popular as I did. Before I interested in so many things. I knew it I had a huge fan base absolutely love music, and most and people asking me left and people would probably be shocked right to open my own site. by the stuff I listen to. I don't Well, I finally did it, and listen to girly crap like Britney I'm proud to say that I did Spears or garbage like that. When it right! I just know you'll I listen to music, I make sure love what I have to show you it's something good, like Tool, A inside. I've always been Perfect Circle, Nirvana, and other known as a webcam girl, but alternative stuff like that. I for the first time ever I think that surprises most people. bring to you high-resolution [Full-size_images_inside!] photo sets! My site's also Dislikes:I'm definitely not your packed with tons of quality typical girl... to say the least. webcam sets and videos, high- Not only do I hate pop-music, I definition videos, live don't like doing girly things like webcam chats, and much, much shopping, either! Crazy, right? I more! mean, what girl doesn't like to [top01.gif] shop? I can only handle it in [Click_to [Click_to [Click_to moderation. I'm a pretty picky enlarge!] enlarge!] enlarge!] person, so there are a lot of [bot01.gif] things I dislike. To talk about Anyone who knows me knows I all of them here would probably love webcams. My live webcam take fifty pages. shows feature streaming video [Full-size_images_inside!] that you'd just have to see Turn-Ons:Unlike a lot of girls, to believe! You can hear me I'm not shallow at all and as long and see me in amazing quality as somebody can have a decent as you chat with me... live! conversation with me, they'll No pre-recorded stuff here. capture my interest. I also love It's the real deal!Check out people with a good sense of humor just a few of my webcam shots since I absolutely love to laugh. below. Anoyone can keep up with me in a [top02.gif] conversation and joke around is [Click_to [Click_to [Click_to cool with me! enlarge!] enlarge!] enlarge!] [Full-size_images_inside!] [Click_to [Click_to [Click_to Turn-Offs:I'm a fast thinker and enlarge!] enlarge!] enlarge!] can't stand when somebody can't [bot01.gif] keep up with me. I need someone I've already mentioned it a who can carry on a great couple of times, but I'm conversation with me. Boring going to mention it again. My people suck! Another huge turn-off high-definition videos are is cocky guys. Ugh! If you're a DVD quality and I know you'll cocky, arrogant guy, then don't enjoy them. It's the first even bother talking to me. Down- time in seven years I've ever to-earth men only, please! really been seen in video, so [Full-size_images_inside!] I figured I should do it Additional:There's way too much right and go HD! You can see about me to write about here, but a few sample video frames you can learn way more inside my below. members only area! I have a sweet [top03.gif] interactive message board where [Click_to [Click_to [Click_to I'm always talking about the enlarge!] enlarge!] enlarge!] things happening in my world. But [Click_to [Click_to [Click_to I want to learn about your world, enlarge!] enlarge!] enlarge!] too! So come on in and let's start [bot01.gif] getting to know each other. I My site is loaded with so absolutely love talking to anyone much stuff that I couldn't and everyone, so don't be afraid even fit everything it offers to talk to me! on this one page. If you want to learn a bit more about Special thanks to everyone who's both me and my site, check stuck with me throughout the out_my_free_preview! years. Old fans and new fans alike [Hope_to_see mean so much to me. I hope you [Hope_to_see you_inside!] stick around, and I love you all! you_inside!] [Hope_to_see you_inside!] ~Erica All content 2007 [bot02.gif] [Join_me_inside_and_become_my_buddy - U.S.C._2257 - Webmasters - on_MySpace!] Design -

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